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Art Commissions (Open Soon) - Blog Post | S Godwin Studio

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Art Commissions by S Godwin Studo

I plan to take on art commissions next spring 2023 I will be opening up the waiting list within the next few months (the list will be free to join). I was hoping to open commissions sooner however I need to focus all my energy on completing my first colouring book, I have created quite a few pages so far but not quite enough yet for a book. The colouring pages I'm working on are very time consuming as so much detail is going into them and not all of them will make it into the book. I'm enjoying working on these pages and I may even turn it into a 2 or 3 book series depending on if I manage to create enough pages by the end of this year (we shall see).

When I'm ready to open the waiting list for commissions all info such as sizes, prices and terms will be up on the website and will be open to UK residents only.

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